Saturday, January 14, 2012

DIY Home Pampering:)

I love makeup.  I spend a LOT of money on makeup.  Probably too much.  But do you know what I don't spend money on?  Face and bath products.  Why spend money on something that you can make yourself, with ingredients you already have at home?

Here are some of my favorite at-home recipes:

1. Lip scrub.

My lips get SO dry in the winter, which is a problem when I wear red lipstick (red flakes, yuck!)
This recipe exfoliates my lips, and keeps them super-moisturized.  

Mix equal parts extra-virgin olive oil and granulated sugar, and add a touch of vaseline.  Rub it all over your lips and scrub, scrub, scrub!  Rinse off and voila!

2. Lavender bath

I LOVE LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL.  LOVE IT.  I put drops on my pillow to help me sleep, and I put some in my bath for aroma therapy and muscle relaxation.  I add extra-virgin olive oil to my bath, too, to moisturize my skin.

Add 8 drops of lavender essential oil in a capful of milk (milk disperses the oil) and then add in a few drops of the olive oil (it won't blend, that's okay)  Toss under a running faucet and enjoy!

3. Sugar face scrub

This is similar to the lip scrub, but for the face.  Mix equal parts extra-virgin olive oil, honey, and sugar.  Mix 'er up and you're set!

4. Rice water toner
Rice water is really good for purifying the skin!  Put a cup or so of rice in a bowl, and pour water in the bowl until the water is covering the rice a little less than an inch.  Mix the rice and water, making sure the water becomes cloudy.  Strain the water into a jar.  There's your toner!  Put some on a cotton pad and use it like normal toner.

5. De-puffing spoons.
This one is really easy!  To combat puffy eyes in the morning, put a spoon in the freezer.  When it's really cold, press the backside of the spoon against your eyes and wait for a few minutes (or until it's not cold anymore).  

Try them out!  Super cheap and very effective! :)


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  1. These are great! Ima try the lip exfoliator, mine are sooo dry. Thanks!