Saturday, June 23, 2012

Parties and Cars

I looked out my window the other day...

And saw a mini car show in my own front yard!  My dad invited over some of his "cobra friends" for a party.

The cars are all Shelby Cobra kit cars.  My dad's friends drove in from as far as CANADA for the annual London Cobra Show.  Conveniently, my dad didn't have to drive that far, as London, Ohio is only 45 minutes(ish) from our house.

It was really funny to see people stop to take pictures.  But, can you blame them?  The cars are quite gorgeous:)

Then, I went to a party at a new vintage store in Dublin called The Alley.  They carry a wide range of vintage clothing, from the 1900s onward.  They even have a pretty impressive selection of steampunk items!

I went to high school with Lauren (left) and Erica (right), but they're a couple years younger than I am. Aren't they the cutest?!  I love dreaming up vintage outfits for them because they can wear all those pretty 24-25 inch circle skirts that I can only drool over.  Not that I can't find circle skirts in my size, because I can, but it just seems that the cutest items are always so tiny!  Sigh. 

Oh, and note the Victorian-clad gentleman behind them!

The corset mannequin and rack.  They had SO MANY CORSETS!  

So, of course, I didn't object when the owner asked if I would like to try one on. And then they put a pink petticoat on me.  And then a polka dot one on top of that.  I felt like a frilly cupcake...not that I really minded. The Alley says.....

"You're Never Too Old To Play Dress Up!"

xx, Alaura

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A few things...

Phew!  It's been a minute.  The past few weeks have been a complete zoo.  

I graduated high school! (ignore the cheesy "hell yes, I'm done" smile and cap hair)  Oh, and the other two with me are my lovely little sister and my mother.

I had my graduation party.  My godmother/favorite aunt got me these amazing Burberry rainboots.  These will be PERFECT in the wet Evanston/Chicago weather.  I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I'll be attending Northwestern University next year! Yay!  

I've been coaching synchronized swimming non-stop, it seems.  Nationals are this weekend (AH! Can it really be this close?)  and everyone is stressed out, trying to get the routines ready.  I'm quite excited to see how the girls do, as two of the girls in our 11-12 age group are on the 11-12 National Team.  Plus, this is only the 2nd year of our team's existence, and we're already one of the strongest teams in the Nation.  Check out if you're in the Columbus, Ohio area and are interested in synchronized swimming (ages 5-19)!

And I've been getting crafty.

I painted the soles of an old pair of black lace heels  blue with nailpolish!  Two coats of white nail polish, two coats of light blue, and this is the result!  I think they turned out nicely.  I may clean up the edges with a Q-tip in nail polish remover later, though.

And I made a chalkboard with a hunk of wood and chalkboard paint for my roommate and I!  Can't wait to start decorating the dorm.  I've been going crazy on pinterest looking for dorm ideas!

But this morning was a lazy morning.  My boss/friend/former coach came over with her daughter to use our pool for a private lesson, and brought her 7 month old daughter with her.  So, I had to be on baby duty!  Not that I minded....:)  I love babies.  Especially this baby.  She can be so snuggly.  So I watched "Randy to the Rescue" (basically "Say Yes to the Dress" with only Randy) with a sleeping baby on me.  It was so peaceful.

And I recently visited a local vintage store for a party!  I played dress up:)  But more on that later!

xx, Alaura