Friday, April 6, 2012

A Day Off

I didn't have school today.  Such a blessing.  

With graduation and prom (still single, blech) around the corner, my stress level is pretty high.  So a day off to do nothing was a lovely little present.

Today, I....

Re-drew my fake "tattoo" that I've been sporting for the past couple of days.  I would like to make it permanent eventually, but for now pen will have to suffice.

Painted my nails.  Of course, my cuticles are a wreck.  And the colors don't photograph very well.  But it's a dove gray with silvery-gold stripes down the middle.  And a pudgy scottish terrier sleeping in the background:)

Cuddled with my other scottie, Murphy.  What. A. Prince.

Made cute silhouette Easter eggs.  Partly to be different, partly to be crafty, mostly because I really didn't feel like getting egg dye all over my hands.

Played Draw Something with Sarah!

I figured it would be nice to get some relaxed I will be constantly paranoid starting next Tuesday.  Senior shootout is starting!  A lot of high schools do this, but basically it's an intense nerf war against everyone else in the senior class, where everyone is divided into teams. Our school takes it very have gotten arrested before for the sake of shootout!  And, of course, if you're naked, you're immune from getting shot.  But I don't plan on getting naked.  I guess I'll have to rely on my hunter-like instincts.  But anyways, the winning team gets $500 a person.  Not bad for a game, eh?

And yes, I plan on wearing a braid and pretending I'm Katniss from the Hunger Games.  If I only had a Peeta!!!

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