Tuesday, September 4, 2012

18th Century dream.

I'm kind of in love with all things 18th century.

In my ideal world, I'd relax in Marie Antoinette's daytime salon, as seen above. 

 And my house would be filled with elaborate gold chandeliers.

And I would eat cupcakes like these.  If they're going to be full of calories...they better look as good as they taste, right?

I love this rococo-inspired phone! 

And 18th century films are my favorite.  So much eye candy in Marie Antoinette!

I watched The Affair of the Necklace recently...finally.  It took awhile to bring myself to actually watch it, mostly because I don't care for the film's presentation of Marie Antoinette.  They show her as overly cold and rude, when she was actually known to be warm and friendly, even if she was a bit naive.

The film was about the famed "Diamond Necklace Affair" that ruined Marie Antoinette's reputation and pushed France to revolution.  It was actually a great film, and highly recommended.  

Oh yeah, and Simon Baker is in it. Looking sexy and rocking the ponytail.  It works for him. 

To add some Marie into my life...I think I'm going to purchase THIS pillow:

isn't it cute?!

Ah, I love rococo! 

xx, Alaura

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